• 2013 CPCA spring PCB special material development forum convened

    2013 CPCA spring PCB special material development forum convened

    2018-04-13 10:30:33

            The “2013 CPCA Spring PCB Special Material Development Forum” sponsored by the China Printed Circuit Industry Association (CPCA) and organized by the Special Materials Branch of the China Printed Circuit Industry Association was held on May 11 at the Shenzhen Bao'an Hengfeng Haiyue International Hotel. Wang Longji, Secretary-General of CPCA Association, Zhang Hua, President of CPCA Material Branch, Zhang Qian, Chief of Finance of CPCA Association, Deputy Secretary-General of CPCA Association Liang Zhili, Yan Yonghong and other leaders and more than 300 insiders participated in the forum.

         The market expects that the economy will rebound in the first quarter of 2013 and the Chinese economy will gradually improve. Terminal products such as smart phones, tablet PCs and Win 8 Ultrabooks will promote one of the original components necessary for high-end products. The market demand for PCBs will be maintained. Strong, in the overall PCB industry growth performance is the most dazzling. While the PCB industry in South China is developing well, the production of PCB/FPC is a major supplier of components for many end products. In this context, it is timely to hold a PCB material development forum.

         Wang Longji, secretary-general of the CPCA Association, analyzed the development and prospects of China's PCB industry in his speech. In his speech, he once again solemnly stated that the PCB industry does not belong to the electroplating industry and expressed on behalf of the Association that it will continue to strive for a reasonable position for the PCB industry and continue to work hard. . In addition, he also reported to everyone on the progress of the "Pirkin incident" that the association is currently aware of.

         Since then, Anjieli, Chengan, Liu Xin, Hanyuan and other companies have sent technical elites to share their latest technologies and applications at the forum. The topics range from microcrystalline phosphorous copper anode materials, HDI hole-filling technology, photosensitive resist ink, Metal nano conductive ink, FCCL, PIC, high frequency EMI, etc., highly professional, cutting-edge and innovative.

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