• PCB automatic plate making machine tips and precautions

    PCB automatic plate making machine tips and precautions

    2018-04-13 10:11:15

        PCB automatic plate making machine tips and precautions

        1 Make a good habit to confirm that the spindle power is off before turning on the main power. When turning off the main power, turn off the spindle power at the same time.

        2 Install the tool and drill to tighten the fixing screws.

        3 The online light green is the online state of the computer and the machine, and the red is the offline state. Under the online state, the X, Y, Z axis move buttons are not controlled, and it is not a fault.

        4 In the working state, if the cutter head is found to be too deep or too shallow, the online light can be turned red by pressing the online key. The spindle continues to rotate but does not move. At this time, the height of the spindle can be adjusted and the online operation can continue.

        5 When the power is turned on, all the lights on the entire control panel flash, this is the machine is not reset successfully, please turn off the main power and spindle power, and then turn on after one or two seconds; if the main power is suddenly turned off during work, then If you turn on the main power again, the machine will not be completely reset, which will cause the machine to work indiscriminately. Do not try it out.

        6 Prompt "non-PCB file" when opening the file. This machine is compatible with PROTEL ASIC2.8 file format. If your drawing software can not output this format, please import your designed file in PROTEL99 and export it after conversion.

        7 When the file is opened, the message “KEEPOUT LAYER” is displayed. This machine prohibits the wiring layer from being the outer border of the circuit board. The PCB design file must draw a border line on the KEEPOUT LAYER. The line width is equal to the tool diameter (3.15mm).

        8 "Exceeds engraving range" is displayed. There are components or lines outside KEEPOUT LAYER or close to KEEPOUT LAYER. Please modify the circuit diagram.

        9 Press function key The machine is not responding, please check if the serial cable is connected correctly: Check if the light is green

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