• Shenzhen Environmental Protection Department launches new monitoring model for c

    Shenzhen Environmental Protection Department launches new monitoring model for c

    2018-04-13 10:16:59

         The Shenzhen Municipal Environmental Monitoring Unit will use a new monitoring model in future environmental monitoring work to estimate the company’s sewage status through simulation calculations. The project name is “Study on Emissions Material Model for Wastewater Treatment in Electroplating and Printed Circuit Board Industry”. .

    The project was developed by Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Disposal Station Co., Ltd. The accounting model established by the project enables the environmental supervision department to use the model to derive the amount of sludge generated and the pharmaceutical agent based on the main indicators such as the amount of wastewater treatment and the main output of the company. The amount of data used, and the amount of major waste fluids generated; and the data calculated from the model is compared with the company's reported ledger and on-site inspections, as well as statistical data of hazardous waste transfer and combination orders. Check the company's environmental compliance during a certain period of time.

        The project was reviewed and accepted by experts on November 28, 2012 and will be put into use in the near future.

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